Why Divine Organics

A healthier lifestyle is something everybody strives for. It is said that organic products are a responsible approach to a healthier lifestyle as well as a healthier environment. The origin of the term ‘organic’ is attributed to the concept of “the farm as an organism.” Organic cosmetics are made using the best natural components of the ingredients. We believe that true beauty comes from within and is only enhanced by the use of cosmetics. In keeping with this phenomenon, organic compounds are the best way to sustain and even amplify this natural inner beauty.

There has been a prevalent common misconception amongst people that ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth as they are composed of different kinds of ingredients. Organic products comprise of completely natural ingredients. Whereas products labeled as ‘natural’ are made using various chemicals, to enhance the properties of the finished product.

It has been this revelation that has led to people gravitating towards organically made products. The true origin of the concepts of ‘organic’ products is largely unknown. There are several Indian manuscripts that mention the major role of naturally occurring ingredients in enhancing beauty, apart from various other functions. Aside from cosmetics, organic products have also been traditionally used for therapeutic, medicinal and antiseptic purposes. Roses being used to provide fragrance were a common phenomenon and in fact the use of organic fragrances has been documented across the world, throughout the ages. Also, ingredients like milk, honey and aloe vera have been mentioned, time and again, in various recipes for skin care. Henna has traditionally been used to colour the hair as well as decorate the skin with tattoos. These ancient practices serve to tell us that various cultures have known the usefulness of organic cosmetic ingredients since ancient times.


  • Only organically grown ingredients
    Divine Organics products are made of 100% organically grown ingredients. All our ingredients are completely natural and pure.
  • The only ECOCERT certified company in Asia
    Divine Organics is the only ECOCERT certified brand in Asia, apart from Japan. All our products contain the ECOCERT logo to ensure transparency of our ingredients.
  • Chemical free products
    Divine Organics ensures that our ingredients contain no chemical content to outweigh the harmful effects of chemicals that may cause lasting damage.
  • No artificial colour, preservatives and fragrance are added to our products
    Divine Organics does not believe in adding any artificial additives in any of our products. We believe in the true concept of organics.
  • Our products are skin friendly and ensure that the skin remains lively
    Divine Organic products, due to their organically grown ingredients, are completely skin friendly and leave you feeling more vibrant and lively. Our products ensure that there are no harmful effects to the skin.