Wahengbam Brajabidhu Singh
Founding Director & MD
2018-09-21A serial entrepreneur and a pioneer in executing disruptive thought leadership paradigm covering diverse sectors ranging from fashion retailing, education, real estate,art gallery, etc the vision of Braja Bidhu was enthralled by the possibilities within the organic personal care segment world over when the opportunity was presented for driving this to success.

Having made multiple strategic investments that are valued at multiples within the unique challenges and competitive business ecosystem in India and the state of Manipur in particular, Braja’s instinctive feel of emerging disruptive business models within emerging economies such as India was waiting to be ignited. While awaiting the opportune timing, when global and regional megatrends converge leading to the creation of lasting institutional scale societal impact, “vision divine organic” took birth at the intersection of his vision and the trail blazing executive leadership skill of his dear childhood friend Mr. Gautam Dhar, the CEO of the company.

Growing up in state where divinity is interwoven deeply in the very fabric of daily living and a place that have remained purely organic, despite polluting global onslaughts, “Divine Organics” is the logical outcome that came naturally to him like they say, “nothing can stop an idea whose time has arrived!” Brand “DIVINE ORGANICS” is ready to deliver in a responsible manner, its ownership rights of being India’s first comprehensive range of ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC personal care products, to the true beauty conscious millennial, men and women world over, so that they can participate in saving this blue planet from extinction, while looking good and staying young adopting the purest essence from Nature.