Gautam Dhar
Founder Director & CEO
A visionary marketing professional with exposure of 7 global regions and 3 continents within the FMCG (Personal Care, Fashion & Food) industry with world renowned MNCs like Nestle, P&G, Bayer & PepsiCo cherished for long to do something revolutionary which could bring about a meaningful difference in the lives of millions across the world. With this vision at heart, he set out for creating an exemplary organization and a revolutionary brand by the name and style of “DIVINE ORGANICS” to pioneer the organic revolution in the beauty care domain of India.

A Master Degree holder in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool, U.K., and having 33+ years of experience in the industry, he was able to transform his and his childhood friend, Brajabidhu’s dream in to reality by forming a trail blazing company with astute professionals from the industry and launching the one of its kind personal care brand “DIVINE ORGANICS” within 75 days from conception which again is a landmark in the annals of Indian Personal Care industry.

It is his charismatic leadership that has helped the new company not only to become a pioneer but also get unfathomable support from all partners in success – manufacturing, creative & marketing and PR & Advertising, all of whom are pioneers too in their own field and companies of utmost repute. His dedication and sustained pursuance for the best earned the brand world’s best organic certification – the "ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC", which still remains an unreachable goal for many leading players of the Indian industry.

His immediate next stop over after India are the Middle Eastern & South East Asian countries to be followed by a truly global venture in about 2 years from now.